Projects / Orders / Items Listing Report

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The Projects / Orders / Items Listing Report is accessed from the Reports Window, Glossary Listings folder and provides a listing of all open Projects in Design Manager and can include each Item and Component within the Projects as well, if desired.


proj order item list report window


A range of Project Codes is available to optionally narrow the scope of the report.  If the optional Showroom module has been purchased, select to print the report for either Projects, Orders, or Both by using the Include menu.  The Projects / Orders / Items Listing Report can be sorted by either Project Code or Project Name as determined by the Sort Report By selection.  Both a Summary and Detail version of the report are available.  The Summary version shows the Project Code and Name, Client Name, Contact and Phone Number, Alternate Phone Numbers, and the Fax Number.  The Detail version includes all the information on the Summary version along with the Project Billing Site, and Ship-To Addresses and other select information from the Project Window.  When printing either version, all the Items and Components for each Project listed can be optionally displayed using the Show Items selection.  As nearly all the information for the Items and Components are displayed when choosing to Show Items, thereby greatly increasing the length of the report, the option is defaulted to No.  Further, an Item range is available to only include a select group of Items when using the Show Items feature.  The Project Notes may also be optionally displaying using the Show Notes selection.