Recurring Operating Expenses Window

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The Recurring Operating Expenses Window is where Recurring Operating Expenses are created, managed, and selected to become active Operating Expenses.


recurring opp exp window


All Recurring Operating Expenses are displayed on the Recurring Operating Expenses Grid which has the following columns:


Tag: Click on this check box to "tag" have a new Operating Expense be created for the Recurring Operating Expense.  To untag a Recurring Expense, simply click on the check box a second time to remove the check mark.


Vendor Code:  The Code of the Vendor for the Recurring Operating Expense.


Vendor Name:  The Name of the Vendor for the Recurring Operating Expense.


Description:  The optional Transaction Description associated with the Recurring Expense.


Amount:  The total owed to the Vendor for the Recurring Expense.


Reminder:  If an optional To Do List Task has been added for the Recurring Operating Expense, the Subject, User who created the Task, and next Reminder Date will be displayed.


Add and Edit:  The Add and Edit buttons will display the Recurring Operating Expense Window to create a new Recurring Expense or revise the selected Recurring Expense on the Recurring Operating Expenses Grid, respectively.


Delete:  Upon selecting a Recurring Expense and clicking the Delete button  a message stating "Are you sure you want to permanently delete the current record?" will be displayed.  Clicking the Yes button will permanently delete the  Recurring Operating Expense from Design Manager.  Clicking the No button will leave the Recurring Expense unaffected.


Choose:  Clicking Choose will add an Operating Expense to the New Vendor Payables Grid of the Vendor Deposits, Invoices, and Operating Expenses Window - New Tab for each Recurring Operating Expense that has been "tagged".  From the New Vendor Payables Grid, the Operating Expenses can be reviewed and posted for payment.