Twelve Month Cash Flow Statement Report

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The Twelve Month Cash Flow Report is accessed from the Reports Window, General Ledger folder and is similar to the Cash Flow Report but tracks the movement of cash through the business over a period of twelve fiscal months.


twelve mth cash flow report window


Select the Fiscal Month from which the report will begin on the Starting Fiscal Month menu which defaults to the current Fiscal Month.  The Twelve Month Cash Flow Report will then show the Cash Flows from Operating Activities, Cash Flows from Investing Activities, Cash Flows from Financing Activities, and the Net Increase or Decrease in Cash for twelve fiscal months beginning with the selected Fiscal Month on the Starting Fiscal Month menu.  For a greater description of these sections, see the Cash Flow Report.  The Show Time Stamp selection allows the exact system date and time that the report was printed to optionally be printed on the top of the Twelve Month Cash Flow Report.