Upgrading from Design Manager or Design Manager Professional

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Design Manager will run the conversion process for you automatically.



Pro Cloud Conversion Considerations

For users converting to Pro Cloud from a previous desktop version or upgrading from Design Manager Cloud, there are a few Conversion Considerations to be cognizant of prior to the Conversion process:



For clients converting from a desktop version of Design Manager, all user Passwords will convert from your desktop version, but will be for reference only as they will be marked historical/Disabled.  Disabled is a setting available for Passwords in Professional that prevents a Password from being used to log into Design Manager without having to delete the Password.  The converted Passwords will be Disabled in order for the Administrator to review new Password Attributes available prior to granting other users access to the new software.


The converted Passwords can be used to copy permissions to the new Cloud User Accounts. Here you can find information on setting up passwords and using the copy from feature.


It is highly suggested that the Administrator take the time to review each user’s security settings because new Password Attributes may be available with each upgrade.  For large companies with many users, please ask a Sales Rep about getting the list of users mapped out during the conversion to save some time.


For DMCloud users upgrading to Pro Cloud, all User Accounts will be available for immediate use but, again, it is strongly suggested the Administrator review all permissions prior to granting users access to ProCloud. When converting from SE6/DM2011 the only password that will convert is the Administrator password, all other passwords must be re-entered and have the rights set accordingly.



Item Status

One of the most exciting features when upgrading from DMCloud to Pro Cloud is the Item Status system through which Items for Projects and Orders are assigned a color-coded Item Status depending on variety of order processing and accounting conditions for the Item.  Pro Cloud is configured with a predetermined set of Item Status Types that cover the major stages for an Item through the design process such as Awaiting Client Approval, Ordered, and Needs to be Invoiced. During the conversion, Design Manager will apply the proper Item Status Type to each Item in the software depending on the current condition of the Item. However, if upon installing Professional 7.0, the Item Status Types are manipulated to create a listing more conducive to the company's design process prior to converting, the Conversion will utilize the customized list.  For more information on the new Item Status Types, see Item Status Types and the Company Information Window - Item Status Tab.



Posting Lists

The conversion from desktop Pro to Pro Cloud will transfer all historical accounting information, of course.  However, any unposted transactions including, and most importantly, Client Invoices will not convert. You must have all users post the transactions prior to converting.  If you don’t want to post the transactions, we suggest printing the Journal for the corresponding accounting function for each user with unposted transactions.  After printing the lists of transactions, go through and delete them and then use the lists to properly re-enter them in the Pro Cloud software.


If you are upgrading from Professional 6, the Cash Receipts on the Cash Receipts Window - Existing Tab are now grouped by Deposit Slip Number and Date with the distributions of the Receipt displayed in the new Payment Distribution Grid.  All converted Cash Receipts, however, will continue to be listed individually, not grouped in such a manner.


Professional 7 maintains a Checkbook and Credit Card Reconciliation History from which the Reconciliations can be reprinted or even deleted.  Only Reconciliations performed in Professional 7.0 or later will be listed.  No past Reconciliations from Professional 6.0 will initially be displayed. For SE6, the Checkbook Reconciliation History will convert but there will be no History for credit cards.



Batch Faxing of Purchase Orders

Pro Cloud does support batch faxing and emailing of Purchase Orders. However, for batch faxing, a subscription to a third-party Internet Faxing Service such as Efax, MyFax, MetroFax, etc. is required.



Outlook Sync

The Outlook Sync feature for contacts and appointments does not work with Design Manager Cloud unless you are also using CloudSpace.




Design Manager Cloud uses an advanced printer driver to allow access to the printers attached to your computer or network.  Since this driver allows Design Manager to send printing to almost any make or model of printer, some advanced printing options, common only to your printer, may not be available.  These options include, but are not limited to, paper tray selection, color printer settings, advance multi-function printer settings, etc.  To use the advanced settings of your printer, you may export any report or document in Design Manager to a PDF file and then print the file from your local computer.



Loading or Saving Files

When loading or saving files, Design Manager Cloud automatically displays all of the local drives on your computer.  There is also a Favorites list at the top where you can add your most frequently used folders.  For example, browse to your My Pictures folder and drag that folder to the Favorites list.  From now on you can easily access your My Pictures folder with one click.



Internet Speed

When using Design Manager Cloud, sound quality, screen resolution, and colors are automatically adjusted to fit your Internet connection speed.  In other words, the faster your Internet connection, the clearer the sounds and graphics will look when using Design Manager Cloud.