Security and the Company Information Window - Users & Security tab

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User access is managed on the Users & Security Tab of the Company Information Window. Here you may grant and restrict access to the many functions within Design Manager.  Also, all financial activity in Design Manager is recorded by the User Name in order to determine which user entered a given transaction when necessary.

Design Manager Cloud requires you to have a unique User Name for each user. This User Name will be provided to you by Design Manager.

If a user tries to log into Design Manager using a User Name that is already in use, they will log the original user off and take over their session.  Of course, if an invalid Password is entered, the user will be denied access to the program.

All User Login's currently available in Design Manager will be displayed on the Users & Security grid.  Design Manager is sold with at least one Administrator User & Password.  The Administrator has permanent access to all functionality in Design Manager which cannot be edited or deleted.


Users & Security Window


Cloud users will have a User Login. In order to have multiple Logins for the Cloud Software, you will need to purchase one for each user.


To make changes to a User's Login accessibility, select File - Company Information & Settings.


On the Company Information Window,  go to the Users & Security tab.


company info - passwords tab - cloudusers


Highlight the User you wish to Edit the attributes for and Choose Edit edit_pencil.


The following window will appear:


Password -cloud user


User Login:  This is the User's Login as provided by Design Manager.


User Name:  The User Name is a required field and is generally the employee's name but can also be more generic such as "Temporary Help" or "Accounting".  The User Name will also be defaulted into the Microsoft® Word® Templates from the Address Book Window.  For more information on the Address Book or using Templates, see Address Book under Additional Features.


User Title:  The optional User Title is the employee's position title.  The User Title will be defaulted into the Microsoft® Word® Templates from the Address Book Window.


Correspondence Email:  This Email is the employee's email address used for sending documents via email from the program.


Account Management Email: The email here will be used to manage the user account attached in the Account Management Portal.


Employee:  An Employee can be optionally assigned to the User by entering or using the Search button to locate a valid Employee code.  If an Employee is assigned to the Password, the Employee code will be defaulted to new Time Entries through the Time Keeping window to facilitate entry. The Mobile App Time Entries will also default to this Employee. For more information, see Employees under Glossary Windows.


Disable:  To Disable a user, you must login to the Account Management Portal and check the Disabled option for the user.


Copy From:  The Copy From button allows you to copy the Attributes from another User Login into the current User  that you are adding or editing.  This is a convenient feature for rapidly configuring Users without having to set each Attribute individually. To do so, highlight the user to configure, choose Edit, then select the Copy From button.

password-copy password window

Enter the User Login name that you wish to copy the password attributes from. Select OK and then OK again to save your changes.




Each User can be assigned specific permissions or Attributes which grant or restrict access to certain portions of the software.  The tree diagram below the User Email and Employee displays the Password’s Attributes and roughly corresponds to the Design Manager menus.  When the lock is open Unlocked Button in front of an Attribute, this means that the user has access to that portion of the software.  To restrict access to a section, double-click on the lock in front of that entry.  This will close the lock Lock Button.  Now the user may not access that section of the software.  To regain access to a section, simply double-click on the lock to reopen the lock.

Most windows in Design Manager have view, add, edit, and delete options, which can be locked or unlocked in any combination.  For example, if view is unlocked and edit is locked, then the user will be able to see the record but not make any changes to it.


Password Window - Attributes Expanded


When setting these attributes, it is IMPORTANT to be sure that you Lock the view/Access to the Company Information as shown below. If you do not do so, the User will be able to Edit their own attributes; thus giving themselves any functionality you may wish to prevent.


password window - attribute - lock company info

Once you have set all of the password attributes, you need to click on the OK button to save your work.

If you are configuring several passwords with the same set of attributes, you can use the Copy From button. Doing so will allow you to enter an existing User Login from which you want to import the exact attribute configuration. You can then further customize the current Password you are creating as necessary.


To change a User's Password, you will do this on the Cloud login website. Instructions for this follow below.



Changing a User's Password


To change your Password, log-in to the Design Manager Cloud web site and then click “Settings” at the top Right.  You do not need to open the Design Manager application.


cloud- log in - select settings


In the Password Section, click Change Password.

cloud - setting



***The Password MUST be 7 characters or more and MUST include at least 1 Upper Case Letter, 1 Lower Case Letter and 1 Number. Longer Passwords that include upper and lower case letters, as well as numbers and special characters, are more secure.



cloud-change pw


* Remember – the Password is case sensitive. Should you or any of your employees forget their Password you must call Design Manager Technical Support at 215-345-0844 to have the Password reset.  There will be a $35.00 charge to have Passwords reset, so be careful not to forget your Password.


If you need to remove an employee’s access immediately (you want to disable their account), log into Design Manager as the ADMIN and go to Company Information - Passwords, edit their user log-in, choose disable.