Using the Help System

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To access written help for a particular window, click on the Help button Help at the top of the Design Manager main screen or on the ribbon/tool bar across the bottom of most windows.  Help can also be accessed by pressing the F1 function key on your keyboard.


Design Manager Professional utilizes the Windows HTML Help format which may be familiar to most users.  For those unfamiliar with the HTML Help interface, here are a few basic functions:


Hide/Show:  The Hide/Show Button will selectively display the Help Tabs frame on the left side of the window.


Back:The Back Button will return to the previously viewed Help page.


Forward:The Forward Button will jump the Help page viewed prior to the current page.


Home:The Home Button will return to the designated Home page which, in Design Manager Pro, is this Introduction page.


Print:The Print Button will print the current page.


Options:The Options Button allows access to the Hide/Show Tabs, Back, Forward, Home, Stop, Refresh, Internet Options, Print, and Search Highlight On/Off functions.



Help Tabs


Contents:The Contents Tab displays all of the main topics contained within the Help System allowing the user to quickly display a desired topic.


Index:The Index Tab lists all topic entries with the Help System.  You can search for a topic by entering one or more relevant words into the "Type in the keyword to find:" field to find a particular topic title.


Search:The Search Tab can be used to list all topics which contain particular text within the topic itself. When searching for a phrase (2 words or more) use quotations. Example: when searching for how to enter a deposit, you should type: "enter deposit".


Favorites:You can add frequently viewed topics to the Favorites Tab for easy access.



Also see Additional Help and Support Options