Manufacturer Translation

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The Catalog/Specifying Software that you are using will have codes that designate different manufacturers, suppliers, or vendors.

There are two ways to tell Design Manager what supplier/vendor to use when the SIF file is imported.

The first is to enter new vendors into Design Manager using the same codes that your Specifying Software uses.

The second is to use the MFG Translation portion of the SIF Import window pictured on the following page:

SIF Import - MFG translation

Choose Add add+ to Add a new MFG Translation Entry.


Choose Edit edit_pencil to make changes to an existing translation.


Choose Delete deleteX to remove a translation from the list.


In the Example pictured above, when the SIF Import encounters the codes STL or STM they will BOTH be translated into the Design Manager Vendor Code "STEEL” .

An unlimited number of translation codes can be maintained on this list.

When a SIF file is imported that does not have a valid vendor code associated with one of the items an error will occur and no items will be imported.  The error message will show you the manufacturer code that is in the SIF file so that you can add a vendor with that code into Design Manager or add a translation entry to this list.  The file can then be imported again and the next vendor fixed (if more codes are missing).  This process can be repeated until the SIF file imports without error.