What You Will Need

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You will need to gather several pieces of information from your old system in order to switch to Design Manager.  The information that you will need is described below.  If you cannot collect this information, you will probably not be able to use the method described in this section.


1)A list of all of your active Clients – This is a list of all Clients and their billing address, phone numbers, etc. with whom         you are currently conducting business or will be in the near future.  This includes all clients with open Purchase Orders, outstanding Deposits, unpaid Invoices, or other credits.


2)A list of all open Deposits that you have received from clients but have not yet applied to an Invoice – This is a list of Deposits that you have collected but have not yet completed the work  (i.e., did not invoice the Client).  For example, say you give the Client an estimate for $1000.00 for some merchandise.  They then give you a 25% deposit for $250.00 so that you can begin ordering.  This $250.00 is an open Deposit because you have not yet invoiced them for the remaining $750.00.


3)A list of all outstanding Invoices – A list of all Invoices that you have sent to your Clients but for which  you have not yet received Payment.  This is also called a list of open Accounts Receivable.


4)A list of all bills that you have received from Vendors, but have not paid yet – This list is also called    your open Accounts Payable.


5)A list of checks and bank deposits that have not cleared your bank statement – This list should include checks that you have written and deposits that you have placed into the bank and have not appeared on any statements from the bank.  If you have multiple checking accounts, you will need a separate list for each account.  You also will need to keep your last bank statement handy.


6)A list of Accounts and their balances (often referred to as a Trial Balance) as of the date when you will be switching to Design Manager – A listing of all Accounts from your old system’s General Ledger and the amount that is in each Account.




See the article here for more information: