Entering Project Accounting Information

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You will not be re-entering specifications that have already been entered into your old system, but you will still need to enter a Project into Design Manager to hold the Client’s billing information, outstanding accounting such as Invoices, Deposits, etc. and future Items that they may purchase from you.


Take your list of Clients and enter a new Client and Project for each Client on the list.  It may be a good idea to enter any outstanding Invoice numbers and Purchase Order numbers into the Project notes on the Project Window - Notes/Information Tab, as Design Manager will assign its own numbers to these documents.  See Creating a New Client and Creating a New Project under Projects and Specifications for assistance in making new Clients and Projects in Design Manager.


You will also need to enter a Vendor for each supplier on your list of open Accounts Payable (#4 above).  To do so, select Accounting - Vendors / Payees.  For more information on creating Vendors in Design Manager, see Vendors under Glossary Windows.