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The Pro Cloud Whiteboard gives you the ability to review the items, time entries and contacts that you have captured from the Mobile App & Product Clipper. Here you can assign items to projects, save them in the catalog or add as a new inventory stock item. You can also transfer captures to other users.

Use the WBMoreLightBlue WBMoreGrey WBMoreDarkBlue buttons to see the Share and Create Options for each card type. All card types can be Transferred to another user, or deleted. Item and Contact card types can each be duplicated as well.


Watch a video on the basics of the Whiteboard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEUXTPK-RgY&feature=youtu.be


Access the Whiteboard from the Project Management menu and select Whiteboard.





The Update Available button will appear at the top of your Whiteboard when a change has been made to any of your Whiteboard Cards or a new card has been created.  This signifies that either a new item has been captured from the Product Clipper or Mobile App, or you have made a change to an entry on the Mobile App.  It can also be an indication that a user has transferred a card to you. Select the Update Available button to get the new card or the changes to an existing one.



Card Arrangement

You can click on a card and drag/drop it anywhere on the Whiteboard. This allows you to move the cards to any place on the Whiteboard so that you can arrange them how you wish.  Simply click on a card using the mouse, and drag it to a new area on the Whiteboard, (look for the gray box outline) then let go of the mouse to drop it into place.



WBRefresh  Refresh button - use the Refresh button to refresh your card placement after dragging them to rearrange in the manner you wish to see them listed. The order you have arranged the cards will remain, but any blank spaces between cards will be removed.





WBFilter_EmptyApplySmall Filter Off - the filter option will show as empty when no filter is in use.  Click on the Filter button to see the Filter window options.


WBFilter_FullAppliedSmall Filter On - when the Filter button is full, this signals that a filter is in use.  Click on the Filter button to see the Filter window options.



The Filter options allow you to see only the card types you have selected.  To apply the filter, select the Capture Type(s) you want to see on the Whiteboard and select the Apply button.


To clear the filter, select the Clear button (or uncheck the capture types) and then select the Apply button. This will show ALL cards on the Whiteboard.




The New Card button will allow you to create a new Whiteboard card without needing to use the Product Clipper or Mobile App. Click here to learn more.



Share and Create Options


Item Card



Contact Card



Time Card




Transfer an Entry to another user:

All card types on the Whiteboard can be transferred to other users in your Pro Cloud.

To do so, click on the More button of the card and select the Transfer to another user option.



Choose the user to transfer the card to in the drop down.

Then select the Transfer button.

The card will then be removed from your Whiteboard and sent to the Whiteboard of the user it was transferred to.

They now take ownership of the card and can review, edit and add the entry to Pro Cloud.