Work In Process History Report

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The Work in Process History Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Accounts Payable folder and shows the series of transactions that occurred to move particular Components into and out of the Work in Process Account.  Work in Process represents Components for which a Vendor Invoice has been recorded but has not yet been invoiced to the Client.


wip hist report window


The Work in Process History Report can be used to review the current Work In Process status of an Item and its Components and to review the transactions that caused the Specifications to either be in or not be in Work in Process.  The report has columns for Project Code and Name, Cost of Goods Sold Account Number into which the cost was posted, Component Reference Number, Description, most recent Vendor Invoice Transaction Number, Vendor Invoice Number and Date, Purchase Order Number, Vendor Code, Client Invoice Number and Date, Component Type, the Fiscal Month upon which the Component was removed from Work in Process, Cost, and the total amount current in Work in Process.  Beneath each Component is a detailed history of the transactions pertaining to the Component's current status in Work in Process.  Ranges for Project Code and Item Reference Number are available to narrow the scope of the report.