Work in Process Report

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The Work in Process Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Accounts Payable folder.


The report lists any Component for which a Vendor Invoice has been recorded but has not yet been invoiced the Client.


The Work in Process Report is used primarily to provide the detailed transactions which comprise the current balance of the Work in Process Account.  The report is also a powerful tool to insure that purchased goods and services are being invoiced to the Clients in a timely basis.  Note that this report does not consider Time Components.  The Time Work in Process Report can be used to identify Time Components which have not been invoiced to the Client.


wip report window


The Work in Process Report is retroactive, meaning it can be printed to show information as it existed  in any prior Fiscal Month, as well as the current Fiscal Month.  Components can be grouped and subtotaled on the report by either Project Code or the Cost of Goods Sold Account into which the cost was posted as determined by the Subtotal By selection.  A range of Projects can be entered to narrow the scope of the report.  The Show Revisions option allows the user to monitor the detail of why the Component currently resides in Work In Process.  The full Component Description can also be optionally displayed.