Yearly Income Statement (P&L)

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The Yearly Income Statement report is located under the General Ledger, Financial Statements, Income Statements folder.



The Yearly Income Statements display the current balance and percentage of total income for each Sales, Cost of Goods Sold, Operating Expenses, and Other Income and Expenses Accounts.


There are 4 Yearly Income Statement report formats; all except for the Comparative will show both the Quarter chosen and Year-to-Date balances.


yearly inc stmt report window


Fiscal Year - drop down menu to select the desired year for which the Income Statement will include transactions for reporting.  The report will print for all fiscal months within the chosen year selected.  This field will default to the current year, but may be changed to any year for which to print an Income Statement.


Department - Choose Company Wide, or the specific Department you wish to run the report for.  See the Account window - Account tab for more information on Departments.


Report Format - There are 4 Yearly Income Statement report formats - see examples of all below:


Year - Year-to-Date balances.
Year, Budgets and Variances - Year-to-Date balances with Budgets and Variances.
Year, Prior Year, Budgets and Variances - Year-to-Date balances, Prior Year, and Budgets and Variances.
Comparative - Compares the Year chosen to the Prior Year; showing the Increase/Decrease and the Percentage of Change.


Show Time Stamp - allows the exact system date and time that the report was printed to optionally be printed on the top of the Income Statement.


Suppress Zero Accounts - will cause the report to skip any Accounts that have a zero Year-to-Date balance..


Layout - drop down menu where you may choose from 1 of 3 Layouts saved. Clicking on the Layout button (top right) will open the Income Statement Layout Window where Accounts may be grouped and arranged within their Account Type as desired.



Examples of Yearly Income Statement Reports:



yearly income stmt report-ytd example


Year, Budgets and Variances

yearly income stmt report-ytd_budvarexample



Year, Prior Year, Budgets and Variances

yearly income stmt report-ytd_prioryear_budvarexample



yearly income stmt report-comparative example