Check Run Window

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The Check Run Window is accessed by clicking on the Checks button on the Checking Window – Pay Bills / Print Checks tab.


checking window

Here Checks can be printed onto blank check forms with pre-assigned check numbers. For information on the checks you can purchase for use with Design Manager, see Forms, Envelopes, and Labels.


check run window

In brief, to print Checks for the tagged Payables on the Checking Window - Pay/ Print Tab, first select a Cash Account from where the payment is going to be applied on the Checking Account menu.  The Check Date will be filled in with the current date but can be changed.  The Next Check Number will also be displayed as Design Manager automatically tracks the Check Numbers for each Cash Account.  Again, the Check Number can be changed as necessary.  One Check for each Vendor being paid will be displayed on the Checks Grid.  If all of the information appears to be correct, then click the Print button to display the Print Checks Window.  If  the Checks are being sent directly to the printer, be sure the Printer button is depressed.  Checks that pay for more than 11 or 12 Payables will not print any information on the Check Stub.  Use the Check Stub Report to print out a sheet or sheets to attach to this type of Check.


Checking Account:  A Cash Account into which the Checks will be recorded must be selected in the Checking Account menu.  All Accounts designated as Asset (Bank / Checking) in the Account Glossary Window will be listed in the Checking Account.


Check Date:  This is the date that will appear on the printed Check(s) and upon which the Checks will be displayed on the Checking Window - Checkbook Tab for the selected Cash Account.


Next Check Number (Next Check No.):  The number in this field should be the number on the first Check that will be used when printing.  The Next Check Number can be changed if a check form has been damaged or this is the first time that Checks have been printed through Design Manager.


Checks Grid:  This grid will display the corresponding Checks for all entries selected on the Checking Window - Pay / Print Tab.  All Payables for the same Vendor will be included on a single Check.  A single Check can, of course, cover many Payables for the same Vendor.  The Checks Grid has the following columns:


Check Number (Check No.):  The number that will be assigned to the Check in Design Manager.  These should correspond exactly to the physical check forms inserted into the printer.


Vendor Code:  The Code of the Vendor for which the Check is being sent.


Payee:  The Vendor Payee Name as recorded on the Vendor Window - Payee Tab.  Remember that the Payee Name can differ from the Vendor Name under certain circumstances.


Amount:  The total value of the Check.


Checking Account Balance:  The current available funds in the Cash Account selected on the Checking Account menu.


Check Run Total:  This amount is the sum of all of the Checks displayed on the Checks Grid and represents by how much the Checking Account Balance will be reduced upon printing and accepting the Checks.


Journal:  Click the Journal button to print the Disbursements Posting List Report.  Note:  The Disbursements Posting List always default to be sent directly to the printer rather than being displayed in the Print Preview Window.


Print/Post:  Upon clicking the Print/Post button, the Print Checks Window will be displayed from which the Checks can be sent to the printer or reviewed in the Print Preview Window.  After printing the Checks, a message asking "Would you like to Accept or Reject this Check Run?" will be displayed.  Clicking Accept will post the Checks and remove them from the Open Payables Grid of the Checking Window.  Selecting Reject will take not post the Checks, leaving the Check Run Window open for review.

Note:  Unposted Checks will not be visible any where else in Design Manager!  Only upon posting the Checks will accounting activity occur, Project information be updated, etc.  If a Check was printed and sent to the Vendor without being accepted, Design Manager will have no record of the Check!