Checking Window - Credit Cards Tab

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The fifth tab on the Checking Window is the Credit Card Activity Tab which shows, in chronological order, all purchases, payments to the credit card Vendor, and other transaction that affect the selected Credit Card Account.


checking-CC tab window


Account:  The Account menu shows the Account Number and Name of the Credit Card Account for which information on the Credit Card Grid is being displayed.  If more than one Credit Card Account have been entered in the Account Glossary Window, click on the down arrow to the right of the field to select a different Account.


Date:  The Date menu allows you to select any month in which to view the Credit Card activity.  Click on the down arrow to the right of the field to select a different month.  The Credit Card Grid will always display the previous month’s balance as the first entry and then list all activity in the selected month.


Show Uncleared Only:  By default, all transactions for the Credit Card Account for the selected month will be displayed on the Credit Card Grid.  Select this option to show only transactions for that have not been cleared via the Credit Card Reconciliation which will be discussed in detail under the Checking Window - Reconcile Credit Card Tab.


Credit Card Grid:  This grid has the following columns:

Date:  This is the date that the Payable was paid by the Credit Card or a Check was written to the credit card company.


Check Number (Check No.):  The Number of the Check written to the credit card company.


Clear (Clr):  The Clear column indicates whether the purchase or Check has been cleared through a Reconciliation for the Credit Card Account.


Vendor Code:  The Vendor Code column will either display the Code for the Vendor from which merchandise or services was purchased or the Code for the Credit Card Vendor itself for payments or finance/service charges.


Payee / Description:  This column displays the Payee Name of the Vendor.


Purchase/Work Order Number (PO No.):  The Purchase or Work Order Number associated with the Vendor Deposit or Invoice paid using the Credit Card Account will be displayed in this column.


Invoice Number (Invoice No.):  The Vendor Invoice Number for Vendor Invoices or Operating Expenses will appear  in this column.


Payment (-):  This column contains the amount of the payment made to the credit card company.


Charge (+):   The Charge column displays the amount of the purchase recorded on the Credit Card Account.


Balance:  A running balance of the Charges less the Payments.


Print:  Clicking on this button will print the Credit Card Register Report which lists the entries displayed on the Credit Card Grid for the current Credit Card Account and month selected.


Go To . . .:  If a particular Payable on the Credit Card Grid needs to be edited or voided, select the entry and click the Go To button.  Doing so will display the Documents & Accounting Window with the selected Payable highlighted.  The Payable can then be edited or voided as necessary.