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Client's View of the ClientConnect Website


Upon entering the ClientConnect Website address given/emailed to the client, they will view the following:


CConnect - webiste - full main page



For Clients who are NON-Website Users (users not yet created):


Choosing the Request Info button will allow your clients or potential clients to contact you about your Company/Products/Services.  If you have a Company Website, you can post a link to this Request Info button to have Design Manager collect a new Lead into the system for you.


Upon choosing Request Info the viewer will see the following form:


website-client request info


When a user completes the form and chooses Submit Form, ClientConnect will send this information back to your Design Manager Address Book.  The information will appear under the Misc Contacts as a Web Lead. If the Lead turns into a Client, you can then use the Create button to add them as a Client; see the Address Book for more information.


address book window-web lead


If you have the Daily Status Email set up, an Email informing you of this new Lead will be sent to the Email(s) entered after the next ClientConnect Update is completed.



For your Clients who are Website Users (users already created):


The user should enter their Login information provided by you into the Client Login area.


website client login


Once they have logged in successfully, they will see the below choices:


When the User has Access to both Allow to see status and Allow to make payments


webiste log in client site choices


When the User has Access to ONLY Allow to see status


website user selection_ status only


When the User has Access to ONLY Allow to make payments


website user selection_ no status


The user will need to click on one of the available buttons to continue. A new Internet window will open with their options.



Pay/View Proposals/Invoices


website-view proposal_invoices


website-view proposal_invoices-details




View Project Status


There are 4 tabs for the user to choose from to View their Project Status: Proposals, Rooms/Locations, Items, All Details.

*Items MUST be on an accepted Proposal to be viewed on ClientConnect.


Each of the Report Options can be viewed with the Show Images: ON or OFF

A default is provided for you to choose to automatically show or hide the Item Images; see ClientConnect - Options Tab.


website all details - help


Proposals - Shows all items sorted first by Proposal, Location, then Item/Reference #.





Rooms/Locations - Shows all items sorted first by Room/Location then Item/Reference #.





Items - Shows all Items in the Project that have been Proposed in Item/Reference # order.





All Details - This report option sorts first by Room/Location then Item/Reference # and shows more detail about each item; such as, any Deposit posted against it and the balance due.


Below is the All Details report with Show Images turned On:


website all details - with images



Below is the All Details report with Show Images turned Off:


website all details - no images