Employee Activity Exception Window

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Clicking on the Add or Edit Buttons on the Employee Window - Time Tab will open the Employee Activity Exception Window.  This window is used to enter Activity codes that will be billed at a different rate or cost than Employee's default values.  When creating a Time Entry, if you use an Activity that has been entered on this window for the respective Employee, the computer will use the Exception rate and cost instead of the base rate and base cost from the Employee Tab.  For more information on Time Activities, see Time Activity Glossary Window.


employee activ excep


To add an entry, enter a Time Activity code or search for a code by clicking on the Search Button.  Next enter an amount into the rate and cost fields.  To edit an entry, type a new amount into the rate or cost fields.  To change the Activity code, you must delete the entire entry and add a new one.  See the Delete function on the Employee Window - Time Tab.


Activity: Enter the Time Activity code here.  To search for an Activity code, place the cursor in this field and click on the Search Button.


Rate: Enter the billing rate for the Activity. This is the rate per hour that you want to charge the client when an Employee performs this Activity.


Cost: Enter the cost per hour for the Activity.  This is an amount that represents the cost to your business for an Employee to perform the Activity.  The cost is often the hourly wage of the Employee for this particular Activity.


The Employee Activity Exception Window is an Optional Feature available only if you have purchased the Time Billing module.