Employee Window - Time Tab

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The third tab on the Employee Window is the Time Tab.  Here the default rate, or price you are will be billing your client, and cost, the amount you pay your Employee, can be entered.  Also, entries may be created for certain company activities that differ from the default rate or cost for the Employee.  These are referred to as Employee Activity Exceptions.  Click on the Add or Edit Buttons to open the Employee Activity Exception Window.  To delete an entry, highlight the record and click on the Delete Button.  For more information on Employee Activity Exceptions, see Employee Activity Exception Window.


empl_mgr glossary - time tab


Base Rate: Enter the billing rate, or the price charged to clients, for the Employee in this field.  If the Employee has several different billing rates, enter the rate that is used most often.  Design Manager will use this rate to calculate the amount to bill your client unless you enter an Exception.  This rate is entered in dollars per hour.


Base Cost: Enter the cost per hour that you want to assign to the Employee in this field.  Design Manager uses this cost to calculate your cost for a Time Entry when billing a client.  The base cost is generally the hourly wage you pay to your Employee.