How To Pay the Credit Card Company

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To pay the credit card company when your statement arrives, select the Vendor for the credit card on the Documents and Accounting Window – Vendor View and click the Expense/Bill Button to open the Vendor Deposit, Invoice, or Operating Expense Window for an Expense.


vendor invoice window - expense_example4payCC


The Vendor will already be entered, so input the invoice number, invoice and due dates, and, optionally, a transaction description.  Be sure to note that you will always select to pay with “A Check” on the Pay With menu.  Enter the General Ledger Account number for the credit card and amount of the bill on the Vendor Distribution Window.


vendor invoice dist window_exp -NON proj relatedPayCC


You may find it convenient to set the Expense Account on the Vendor Window - Defaults Tab to the credit card Account for the credit card Vendor to facilitate entry.


vendor glossary-defaults tabAMEX