Print Client Invoice Window

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The Print Client Invoice Window is accessed after selecting Items on the Client Invoice Items Grid of the New Invoice Window and clicking the OK button.


print client invoice window


You will use the Print Client Invoice Window to select the format of the Client Invoice document and the appropriate print device options.


The Style will default to the Invoice Style as set on the Company Advanced Options Window - Print Tab. However, you can select to use the Residential, Commercial, Residential-Show Deposit or Commercial-Show Deposit formats of the Invoice.  In general, the Residential format has an overall appearance of a correspondence letter while the Commercial format has a more industrial appearance. The Show Deposit format lists the Price, Sales Tax and Deposit for each Item.  There will also be a Total of each of these columns for each Location and Totals for ALL Items at the end. This choice is simply a Company Preference on the look you prefer.

*See Examples of the different Invoice Styles below.


If the Invoice is being sent directly to the printer, make sure that you have the Printer selection on the Printer Button Bar set to the desired printer.  For more information on printing options, see Printing.  Click the OK OK button button to print the Invoices. Whether printing the Client Invoices to the monitor or directly to the printer, you will need to either Accept or Reject the Invoice after printing and reviewing.



Examples of the Invoice Styles can be found here.