Adjusting a Client Invoice

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Invoice Adjustments should be used for write offs or minor changes, as they do not affect the Project information.  To reverse the Client Invoice, and then Invoice the Items again with the correct amounts is far more common.  For more information on crediting a Client Invoice, see Reversing/Crediting a Client Invoice.


To adjust a Client Invoice, select the desired Client Invoice on the Documents and Accounting Window and click the Adjust adjust button button.  Alternately, you can right click the Client Invoice and select Adjust.


The following window will appear:

invoice adjustment window


Select the Checkbox for Adjust Invoice Amount

adj invoice amount


To learn more about the Update Invoice Information Options see below...


Date:  This is the date that the Adjustment will be posted into the General Ledger and defaults to the current system date.


G/L Account:  This field must contain the General Ledger Account Number that is used to record this Adjustment.  The G/L Accounts should NOT be the Accounts Receivable Account as Design Manager will automatically adjust the Accounts Receivable Account.  Rather, enter the Account Number of the Account that will be the offset to the Accounts Receivable Account.

For example, if you are writing off an Invoice you might use a Write Off Expense Account.  To search for an Account, click on the Search search button button.


Transaction Description:  You may optionally add a description of the Adjustment in this field for future reference.


Invoice Amount:  This is the total amount of the Client Invoice before any Deposits were applied.


Less Deposit:  This is the Deposit amount that was applied to the Invoice.


Subtotal:  The Invoice Amount less the Deposit Amount.


Prior Payment/Adjustments (Prior Paymnts / Adj.):  This field shows any Payments or Adjustments previously recorded on the Invoice.


Balance Due:  The current total balance due on the Invoice prior to any new Adjustments.


Adjustment:  Enter the amount by which you wish to adjust the Invoice.  Use a minus (-) sign to indicate a negative amount and reduce the adjusted balance.


Adjusted Balance Due:  This is the new total amount due for the Invoice after this Adjustment is accepted.  The Adjusted Balance Due will be automatically calculated as the Adjustment amount is entered.


Click the OK OK button button to record the Adjustment.  After entering the Adjustment, the balance due of the Invoice will be appropriately altered and the Invoice Adjustment will appear beneath the Client Invoice displaying the Adjustment Date, Amount, and Transaction Description.


To remove an invalid Invoice Adjustment, select the Invoice Adjustment on the Documents and Accounting Window and click the Void Void Button button.  Upon doing so you will be asked, "Are you sure that you wish to void the highlighted Invoice Adjustment?"  Clicking Yes will deleted the Invoice Adjustment and affect the Balance Due of the Invoice appropriately.  Selecting No will take no effect. Note:  Invoice Adjustments cannot be edited.  If an Adjustment is incorrect, you must void the Adjustment and add again properly.


Accounting:  The Accounts Receivable Account is always affected upon creating an Invoice Adjustment with the Account selected in the G/L Account field being the other Account affected.  Upon reducing a positive Balance Due with a negative Invoice Adjustment, the Accounts Receivable Account will be reduced or credited and the G/L Account chosen will be debited.


Update Invoice Information


The Update Invoice Information option gives you the ability to make changes to your Invoice.


update invoice info window


Update descriptions to match specifications - This option allows you to reprint an invoice with any Item Description changes you may have made.  You can choose to enter an Item Number to update only one Item, or leave the Item No. field blank to update ALL Item Descriptions on the Invoice.


Update arrangement and set Locations to match specifications - Allows you to update any changes made to the Layout or Item Locations.


Update Remarks - Choose the Update Remarks selection to Add, Edit or Delete any Remarks that print on the Invoice.


Update Transaction Description - This option will allow you to make a change to the Transaction Description that was last accepted on this Invoice.


Show on ClientConnect - Decide here if this Invoice can appear on the ClientConnect Website for the website users. *Requires ClientConnect Module.


Allow Payment - Allows you to make this Invoice available to be paid online via the ClientConnect Website. *Requires ClientConnect Module.


Hide Invoice and this Credit Memo/Reversal on reports - This option will only be seen if the Invoice you are on is a Credit Memo Invoice. Upon generating a Credit Memo there are options to Hide the Credit Invoice and the Original Invoice being Credited from being able to be seen on certain client reports such as the Client Accounting Inquiry and Statements.  If you had not chosen this option at the time you generated the Credit Memo, here you may make the change to hide those Invoices.