Account Management Portal

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Add, manage and disable Pro Cloud users. Also, reset password (s).


Username: The list of users for your Pro Cloud will show here.


Email: The email connected to the user will show.  This can also be seen on the Users & Security inside Pro Cloud.


Disabled: To Disable a user, select the Disabled check box for the listed user.  You will be prompted to confirm your choice.

Account Manager: Selecting this option will allow the listed user access to this Account Management Portal, where they can manage other users. Users do NOT need access to the portal in order to reset a password.  They can utilize the Forgot Password link to do so, or an Account Manager can send them this link via email:

Password: Account Managers are able to send email links to users to reset their passwords by clicking on the Reset password link and following the prompts.

Company Name/Title: The last column(s) will show each of the copies of Pro Cloud that you have available.  Many users will only see one.  A check mark in the boxes below show that the user has access to that copy of Pro Cloud.  If you have multiple companies, you will be able to decide which users have access to which of the companies. ***A user MUST have access to at least one of the companies, or be marked Disabled.



To add new users to your Pro Cloud account, select the Add a User button.

***There will be a charge for each invited user***




Enter the User's Full Name and Email Address to send them an invite.



Select a Security Scheme for the User




Then Select Send Invitation.



The user will receive an email invitation to create a new Pro Cloud user account.