Acknowledging Purchase and Work Orders and Receiving Merchandise

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Design Manager allows you to record Purchase and Work Order acknowledgements, receive merchandise and track back-ordered products, and monitor a wide variety of other information regarding the status of an order.  Such tasks are considered of the upmost importance to many design firms.  The Order Tracking reports in Design Manager are dependent on proper entry of the order status information.  Users can record order tracking information at any time on the Purchase Order Status Window.


The Purchase Order Status Window can be accessed in two manners:


1. Via Project - Project POs/WOs to display the Purchase Orders Window.


purchase orders


Input or select the desired Project Code into the Project field.

Then, select the desired Purchase Order from the Purchase and Work Orders Grid and click the Receiving / Status (Rec/Status) button rec status button.


purchase and work orders window 2


2. Also access the Purchase Order Status Window via Project - Specifications to display the Specifications Window.

Input or select the desired Project Code into the Project field.  Then, edit the proper Item on the Items Grid.  On the Item Window, edit the proper Component on the Purchase and Work Order Components Grid. Go to the Order Status Tab of the Component Window, select the desired Purchase Order on the Purchase Orders Grid, and click the Edit button edit_pencil.


component - order status window



The Purchase Order Status Window displays all pertinent information regarding the Purchase or Work Order, along with displaying the included Components on the Purchase and Work Order Component Status Grid.


PO status window


Using this window you can enter an Acknowledgement Date and Number.  The Acknowledgment Date is when the Vendor receives and accepts your Purchase Order.  This Acknowledgment may be given verbally over the phone or the Vendor may send you a printed Acknowledgement.  The Vendor may also give you an Acknowledgement or confirmation number for the order.


Close PO/WO Manually: Choose this if you wish to close the PO/WO manually. ***NOTE: Closing the document manually will NOT remove the PO from the Open Vendor Deposit report if deposit is still available for this PO/WO. You MUST handle the use of the deposit first before the PO/WO can be closed to affect this report.


edit_pencil Clicking on the Edit button will open the Edit Order Status Window for the highlighted Component in the grid.

change all button Clicking on the Change All button will open the Change All window for all Components in the grid.  See the Edit Order Status Window for more information.


On these windows, you can put in a Received Date and a Received Quantity when the merchandise arrives.  You can also enter an Expected Ship Date, a Cut For Approval Date, Status, etc.  When you are finished click the OK button.


The new information will be displayed on the Purchase Order Component Status Grid.