Tracking Fax Usage for Projects

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Sophisticated fax tracking programs can be used to monitor fax transmissions sent by your company on behalf of a particular Project.  Some companies choose to monitor the fax transmissions in such a way so the Project can be then be billed for the expense incurred by faxing.  Such tracking programs correlate a fax to a particular Project by a unique code that is used to identify the Project and is included in the fax transmission.   To enter such in code in Design Manager, go to Project - Projects to open the Projects Window.  Highlight the desired Project on the Projects Grids and click the Edit button.  On the Project Window, go to the Defaults Tab and click the Advanced / Mark-up button.  Finally, on the Projects Advanced Options Window, select the PO/WO Tab which is shown below.


company info - advanced - po_wo


Input the fax code for the Project into the Fax Prefix field.  When faxing Purchase/Work Orders as described in Faxing and Batch E-mailing Purchase and Work Orders, the Fax Dial String is appended to the Fax number of the Vendor or Workroom and will be recognized by fax tracking program for reporting purposes.