Configuring Settings for Employee Time

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You may wish to initialize certain settings that will affect Employee Time prior to recording hours for the first time.


First, you'll want to access the Time Activity Glossary Window to add the necessary Time Activities to properly classify employee time within the company.


time activity glossary


Next, you'll want to create an Employee / Manager / Salesperson for all individuals within the company for whom time will be recorded on the Employee / Manager / Salesperson Glossary Window.


employee glossary


When adding Employees, you may want input Tier Rates and Tier Costs for the Employee on the Employee / Manager / Salesperson Window - Time Tab.  These will be the default Rate and Cost for a particular Project depending on the selected Time Billing Tier on the Project Window - Defaults Tab.


employee glossary-time tab


From this tab, you can also enter Employee Activity Exceptions which can use a different Tier Rate and Tier Cost combination for a particular Time Activity for the Employee.


employee activ exc window


Finally, you can specify the Default Location for Time Entries, Default Sales Category for Time Entries, and Only Allow Entries to be Joined to Items with the Default Sales Category option on the Company Advanced Options Window - Time Tab.


company info - advanced - time

Each of these settings will default to new Projects but can be changed for individual Projects on the Project Advanced Options Window - Time Tab.