Creating a Proposal

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Once you have entered specifications for a Project, often the next step is to create a Proposal.  The Proposal is an estimate that you can provide to your Client to indicate the foreseen price of the agreed upon design work and purchasing.  You do not have to create a Proposal.  If desired, you may skip directly to Generating a Purchase Order.  However, if you plan to receive a Deposit from your Client to begin your purchasing, then a Proposal is desirable in order to track the application of the Deposit.  Recording a Deposit on a Proposal is discussed in full in Collecting a Deposit or Retainer From Your Client under Accounts Receivable.


To create a Proposal, select Project - Proposals which will open the Proposals and Documents window.

project - proposal menu


Enter or select the Project to make a proposal for into the Project field.


proposals and documents window


Next, click the Add button to display the New Proposal window.


proposal - proposal 


The New Proposal window contains a grid showing all of the active Items that have been entered for this Project.  The Items will be displayed in Location Code order but you can click most column headings on the Proposal Items Grid to sort the Items in the manner of your choice.  Items that have been set as Inactive or Complete, either manually on the Specifications Window or Item Window - Status Tab  or automatically by the Item Status, will not be displayed.


For a full description of the Proposals and Documents and New Proposal Windows, see the Proposals and Documents Window and the New Proposal Window below.


Note:  Most windows are sizable and can be made bigger by grabbing an edge with the mouse and dragging the window.


You will need to “tag” or select the Items that you wish to appear on the Proposal.  You can tag Items three ways.  You may simply click the box in the Tag column next to the Item you want to include on the Proposal or, if the Item is already highlighted, hit the Space Bar on your keyboard to tag the Item.  You may also press the Tag button to open the Tag Items for a Proposal Window and choose one of the tagging options.  Select the option of your choice and press OK to return to the New Proposal Window.  The Items you selected should now appear tagged with a check mark in the Tag column. They will also be highlighted within a green grid.  The total pricing and deposit information for the Proposal will appear beneath the Proposal Items grid.


Before you print your Proposal, you may want to add Remarks or adjust the order in which Items and Locations will appear on the printed document.  You can do this on the Options Tab.  For more information, see New Proposal Window – Options Tab.


If all of the information appears to be correct, then you are ready to create your Proposal.  Press the OK button to create the Proposal. A PDF view of the document will appear in your web browser for viewing or printing.




After the Proposal is sent to the web browser, you can click back to Pro Cloud to see that the proposal created is now on the list of Proposals.



In order to make changes to an existing Proposal, highlight the Proposal on the Proposals and Documents Window and press the Edit button.  This will open the Edit Proposal Window where you can make any changes and print the Proposal again.


You can permanently remove a Proposal by highlighting the Proposal on the Proposals and Documents Window and clicking the Delete button.  Proposals can only be deleted if no Deposits have been recorded for the Proposal.