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Utilize the Gallery to view the Item specs already entered into your Pro Cloud.  Here you can see the item image, name, quantity and client total price. The Gallery is a great place to share your ideas with your clients because neither the item cost, nor vendor will appear.


Watch a tutorial on the Gallery

Getting Started in the Gallery: Open the Gallery and type to select the Project to view the items for; select the Location to view or Choose All Locations. Then select Show Items.



A large image of the item will appear at the top.  The Item Name, Total Estimated Price and Quantity will show below.  The items are grouped within location, which you can choose at the top of the screen.


Touch any small image to show it at the top.  Swipe left and right on the top image to scroll through your items. Touch the top image to see a full screen image. Touch again to go back.


Select the back arrow (upper left-hand corner) to go back to the Main Gallery menu.