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The Capture tool allows you to add new item pictures & details to your Design Manager.  Items captured will go to your Pro Cloud Whiteboard.  There you can add them to a Project, Item Catalog or as Inventory Stock Items.



Watch a tutorial on Capturing Items in the Mobile App



To Capture a new item, select the Capture option from the main menu.






Select the Plus sign in the upper right-hand corner. 




Enter the information about the Item that you wish to save.  You can enter as much or as little detail as you wish to; however, either an Item Name or Description is required. 



Include a Picture

To add a picture of the Item, touch the Camera CameraIcon icon . 


Choose to Take a Picture with your device or Pick from the Picture Library on your device.




Take Picture - Allow the App access to your camera and then take a picture.  Select Use Photo.


Pick from Library - browse your iOS device to find the photo you wish to use.  Select the picture.



To Delete a picture, touch the image and then select Delete Picture.


To view a larger image, touch the magnifying glass.  To go back, touch the larger image.



Add Item Details

To save the item for a specific Project already in Design Manager, begin to type the project name or code in the Project field.  Choose the proper project and choose the check mark. 


If you do not have a Project created yet, you can select the + sign and add a new project (see how to add new project here).


You can also leave the Project blank and complete it later.


You can select a location for the item by typing to search for one and then clicking on the check mark to select it, or you can type in a new Location.


Enter an Item Name (a short name, that can consist of up to 45 characters).


Optionally, select the Sales Category for the Item by beginning to type it and choosing the proper one (this category must already exist in your Pro Cloud to be selected).


Enter the Item’s Description (if you wish to). An Item Name or Description is required.


Select (or Add) the Vendor (see how to add a new vendor here).


Optionally enter the Item SKU/Manufacturer's Catalog Number, Quantity, Unit of Measure, Unit Cost, and Client Unit Price and/or Client Total Price.


Client Unit & Total Pricing fields are listed; however when the item is brought into Design Manager, these may be ignored depending on your project default settings.

If the project is set to mark up merchandise based on your cost, the Unit Cost field is what will be used and the project default markup percentages will take over.


When a project is set to discount mode, or if the vendor selected has terms included, then these price fields WILL be utilized as the clients item price.




After you have added all the necessary information about your Item, touch the check mark at the top right to save it. The item will now appear on your Captured Items list.


You can Edit the item by touching the item and making changes.


All Captured Items will appear inside your Pro Cloud on the Whiteboard.