Inventory Sales Report

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The Inventory Sales Report is accessed through the Reports Window, Inventory folder.  This report displays information for Inventory Stock Items sold within a given period of time.


invent sales report window


The Inventory Sales Report displays pertinent information of the Inventory Stock Item including the Stock Number, Description, Style / Size, Color / Finish, and Vendor Code and Name.  Following such information are the relevant quantities, costs, and prices derived from the sale of the Inventory Stock Item:


Number of Sales (# of Sales):  The number Invoices upon which the Inventory Stock Item has been included.
Total Quantity Sold (Tot. Qty. Sold):  The number of units of the Inventory Stock Item included on all Invoices within the Invoice Date range.
Extended Price (Ext. Price):  The total revenue realized from all Client Invoices for the Inventory Stock Item within the Invoice Date range.
Extended Cost (Ext. Cost):  The total reduction to the Inventory Account and the Inventory Stock Item's Total Cost by selling the merchandise.
Gross Profit:  The Extended Price less the Extended Cost.


The report can be grouped and subtotaled by either Project Code or Sales Category Code depending on the Sort By selection.  Ranges for Client Invoice Dates, Stock Number, Style / Size, Color / Finish, Storage Location, and Vendor, Sales Category, and Warehouse Codes are available to narrow the scope of the report.  The full description of the Stock Inventory Item can also be optionally displayed.