Moving Time Entries from the Whiteboard to Projects

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Watch a video on how to Move your Time Entries from the Whiteboard to Projects here:



Time entries entered via the Mobile App will appear on your Pro cloud Whiteboard as one card per Employee.


The time card will show the date for the entries,  a total number of entries and the hours as well as the

employee that the entries are for.


NOTE: If the employee does not appear on the card and you would like it to, you can add the employee code to the

users login under the Company Information & Settings - Users & Security tab.



Moving Time Entry Cards into their Projects

To get your time entries into their projects, select the more button WBMoreDarkBlue on the Time Entry Card.




Then select the Review and Create Time Entries option.


A message warning that these time entries will no longer appear on your whiteboard will come up.



If you continue, this means that the time entered will now be completely removed from the Whiteboard and the Mobile App.


The Time will go to the Time Import window, where you can review and edit the entries made.


See details on using the Time Import window here.