Design Manager can be used to process secure credit card transactions through a Tsys/Cayan Account over the Internet.  No credit card machines are required. Transaction data is encrypted using SSL encryption which is standard to most web page interfaces.  Design Manager supports swiped (using a USB/keyboard card reader) or keyed (by an operator) transactions. Design Manager does not support debit cards (transactions that require a PIN). To open or switch to a Tsys/Cayan account, call 800-836-2999 or e-mail so that Design Manager can refer a Tsys representative to you.


One-time Set up


Tsys will furnish a Site ID, Key, and Name along with a Username and Password to the Tsys gateway. The gateway can be used to view transactions and run charges outside of Design Manager. Transactions put through the gateway directly will need to also be entered into Design Manager.  Therefore, it is recommended that all charges are processed using Design Manager.


To configure Design Manager to process the credit card transactions through the Tsys gateway, log onto Design Manager as the Administrator and select File à Company Information and Settings. Select the A/R Showroom Tab on the Company Information Window.


company info - ar showrm


If separate POS/Cash Receipt Payment Types currently exist for various credit cards (i.e. Visa, MC, AMEX) they can be removed/deleted. Only one Credit Card Cash Receipt Payment Type is required if transactions for all credit card companies will be processed through the Tsys Account.


POS pay type window-cc for mw


To create a Payment Type for Tsys/Cayan, click the Add button to the right of the Cash Receipt Payment Types Grid.  Designate a Type name or description.  “CC” for Credit Card is used as an example.  Choose the Checking Account that will be receiving the funds from Merchant Warehouse.


On the Data Collection menu, choose the Tsys/Cayan entry.  The Always Ask for CV Code option can be selected if there is a desire to always remind the operator to enter the CV Code of the credit card if available.  Design Manager never requires a CV Code.  The Always Ask for CV Code simply displays an additional warning.


Credit Card


The CV Code is a three-digit number that appears in the signature area on the back of a credit card (Mastercard/Visa) immediately after the credit card number. On American Express cards, the code is 4 digits long and appears on the front, just to the right and slightly above the card number.


Click OK to save new Cash Receipt Type. Next, click on the Enter MW Credentials (Enter MW Cred...) button.


company info - ar showrm-mw cred


Enter the SiteID, Key, and Name into the respective windows. Make sure that you enter the codes exactly as given by Tsys.


MW - comp site ID


MW - comp key


MW-comp name


****Make sure that to click OK to save the entire Company Information Window. ***



Processing Credit Card Transactions

A credit card transaction is processed in Design Manager just like any other Cash Receipt.  Simply enter the receipt through the Cash Receipt Window - New Tab and the New Cash Receipt Window as normal.

new cash rec - example MW

When the Payment Type associated with Merchant Warehouse is selected, the text “Run CC” will appear in the Check Number field.

Enter the rest of the  necessary Cash Receipt information and click OK.

Design Manager will display  the Credit Card Transaction Window to enter the credit card information.  If the credit card is physically present and the company has a credit card reader, then the card can simply be swiped through the reader.

credit card tx window- mw swipe

If the credit card is not present or a card reader is not present, just type in the information from the card.

The only required information is the Card Number and Expiration Date. However, a better financing rate for the transaction may be available if the other information is entered as well.

Use the Force Authorization Number ONLY when it is required to call Tsys to get approval for a charge and they provide an authorization number.

credit card tx window- mw swipe-example

Click OK to close both the Credit Card Transaction Window and the New Cash Receipt Window.  The Cash Receipt will now be displayed on the New Cash Receipts Grid of the Cash Receipt Window.

Upon clicking the Post button and allowing the transactions to be posted, Design Manager will record the Cash Receipts and process the credit card charges with Tsys.

cash receipts - new to post-mw example

When the Credit Card is declined or not approved, the transaction will be kept on the New Cash Receipts Grid with the reason being displayed in the Check Number  (Payment Status) column.  By not posting or removing the Cash Receipt, the credit card information can be reviewed and the receipt can be posted again.

Design Manager must receive authorization for the charge in order to post the Cash Receipt.  Otherwise a different Payment Type needs to be used if the operator wishes to force the receipt into Design Manager without running the credit card.

To print a receipt for the client to sign for this Credit Card transaction, see the Cash Receipt - Existing window - CC Receipt button.