Entering Client Balances

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First you will need to enter one Item into the newly created Projects for each deposit on your list of open Client Deposits (#2 under What You Will Need).


Create a Global Location by selecting Glossaries - Locations and clicking the Add button on the Location Glossary [Global List] Window.  Input "OPBAL" as the Location Code and "Opening Balances" as the Location Name.


See Entering Locations in Projects and Specifications and Locations under Glossary Windows for more information on creating Locations in Design Manager.


Next, to create an Item, click the Projects and Specifications button to display the Projects and Specifications Window, select the Project on the Specifications Tree which requires an opening balance, and click the New Item button.  On the Item Window, enter “Deposit from Old System” followed by any additional information about the Deposit that you would like to include into the Client Description field.  Select the new Opening Balances Location created above as the Item Location.  In the Deposit Amount field, enter the amount of the Deposit from the Client.  Next, enter the total amount of the Proposal or estimate for which the Deposit applies into the Total Estimated Price field.  For example, if you gave your Client an estimate that totaled $1000.00 and collected a $250.00 Deposit, enter 250.00 into the Deposit Amount and 1000.00 into the price while leaving the Total Estimated Cost as zero.  It is not necessary to enter any Components for the Item.


See Entering Items in Projects and Specifications for assistance in creating Items in a Project.


After your have entered an Item into the Project for each Deposit, you will need to create Proposals to hold the Deposit themselves.  Click the arrow next to the Documents and Accounting button and select Project View...to display the Documents and Accounting Window positioned to the desired Project.  Click the Proposal button and Tag the proper Item to create a new Proposal.  Do this for each Item created above.  For more information on generating new Proposals, see Creating a Proposal under Documents and Accounting.


Finally, a Deposit must be added to each Proposal.  Highlight the Proposal and click the Cash Receipt button.  For a full explanation of adding a Deposit for a Proposal, see Collecting a Deposit or Retainer from Your Client under Accounts Receivable.  After you have entered all of the Items, Proposals, and Deposits for each Project, print an Open Client Deposit Report under Accounts Receivable reports.  This report should match your list of Deposits. If it does not, you will have to find your mistakes and correct them.


Next, you will repeat this process for each Invoice on your list of open receivables.   Enter an Item for each Invoice.  This time all you have to fill in is the Total Estimated Price in the lower right corner of the window.   Make sure the price is equal to the total amount of the Invoice from your list.  Select the Project on the Documents and Accounting Window and click the Client Invoice button to create a new Client Invoice for each of these Items.   See Sending Your Client  the Final Bill under Documents and Accounting for assistance in creating Client Invoices.  Next print the Aged Accounts Receivables report and make sure that it matches your list.