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The first tab on the New Proposal Window is the Proposal Tab and is where Proposals for Projects are generated.  This tab shows all of the active Items in the Project that are available to be placed on a Proposal for the Client. Only Items NOT already on a Proposal or Invoice will appear for tagging; see Show All below for more help. Once you have "tagged" or selected the Items you wish to propose, you can print a copy of the Proposal.  If the information on the Proposal appears to be correct, you can "Accept" the Proposal which will save the document into Design Manager.

new proposal window - proposal tab


Name/Phase:  This field will show the Project name by default and will print at the top of the Proposal.  It will also appear on your Documents and Accounting window underneath your Proposal Folder. You may change the Proposal Name by typing a new name or description into this field.  Some designers use this field to designate a particular phase/section of a job; such as Window Treatments or they may be can be more specific using Living Room - Furniture. This field can be used to fit your company's needs to better describe your Proposal.


Defaults for this field may be set on the Project Advanced Options – Proposal Tab, including the option to hide the Proposal Name and to use the Proposal Name in place of the Proposal Number, if you want to use your own numbering system.


Date:  This field will default to the current system date and will print at the top of the Proposal.  You may change this date by typing a new date into this field or by using the Search search button button.


Style:  You can select to use the Residential, Residential - Show Deposit, Commercial, Commercial - Show Deposit, Modern, and Modern - Show Deposit formats of the Proposal.  In general, the Residential format has an overall appearance of a correspondence letter, using the Times New Roman font. The Commercial format has a more industrial appearance, using an Arial font.  The Modern gives the ability to center your logo and uses the Calibri font style. The Show Deposit formats list the Price, Sales Tax and Deposit for each Item.  There will also be a Total of each of these columns for each Location and Totals for ALL Items at the end. This choice is simply a Company Preference on the look you prefer. The style will default from the selection on the Company Advanced Options - Print Tab.

*See Examples of the different Proposal Styles at the end of this Section.


Pictures:  Selecting the Pictures option will display the image loaded on the Item Window - Picture Tab for all Items on the Proposal.


Show All:  Selecting the Show All option will display all Items within the Project that are not set as Inactive or Complete.  Previously proposed Items will appear beneath all Items that have not yet been proposed. Items that have been Invoiced, but never on a Proposal will show when Show All is checked.


Proposal Items Grid:  This grid lists and displays information for each Item that can be proposed for a Project.  By default, the Proposal Items Grid only shows active Items that have not been included on a Proposal previously.  Click on the Tag column to select an Item for inclusion on the Proposal.  Double-clicking on any Item will open the Item Window which is useful for making quick adjustments to the Item before proposing.  The grid is sorted by Location Code, followed by the Item Reference Number within a given Location.  Like many grids in Design Manager, you can change the sorting of the Proposal grid by clicking the heading of the column by which you would like to sort.  Some columns, however, are unavailable for sorting.


Tag:  Click on this check box to "tag" an Item to include it on the Proposal.  To untag an Item, simply click on the box a second time to remove the check mark.  You do not have to include all Items on a Proposal.  A Project can have many Proposals.  As Items are tagged or untagged, the pricing and deposit totals change at the bottom accordingly.


Already Proposed:  If the Show All show all checkedbox option is selected, this column will be visible.  If an Item has already been proposed, then the Proposal Number and Date of the last Proposal upon which the Item appeared on will be displayed.  You may include an already proposed Item on a new Proposal.  Items previously proposed will appear at the bottom of the Proposal Items Grid.


Location:  This column contains the Location Code and Name of the Item.


Reference Number:  This column contains the Design Manager Reference Number assigned to each Item and is useful for finding the Item on the Projects and Specifications Window.


Description:  This column contains the first few words of the Item’s Description.


Proposal Price:  The total price of the Item being proposed to the Client will be displayed here.


Merchandise:  The portion of the Item price that is categorized as Merchandise is displayed in this column.


Freight:  The portion of the Item price that is categorized as Freight is displayed in this column.


Design Fee:  The portion of the Item price that is categorized as Design Fee is displayed in this column.


Installation & Labor:  The portion of the Item price that is categorized as Installation  and Labor is displayed in this column


Crating:  The portion of the Item price that is categorized as Crating is displayed in this column


Time:  The portion of the Item price that is categorized as Time is displayed in this column.


Requested Deposit:  This columns contains the Deposit Amount required from the Client for an Item.


Quantity:  The Quantity of Item being proposed is recorded in this column.


Sales Tax: This column contains the total estimated amount of Sales Tax for the Item.


The following fields are located below the Proposal Items Grid and apply to the entire Proposal:

proposal bottom grid

Total Price:  The total price contains the price of all Items being proposed not including any fees, freight, other charges, or sales tax being applied to the Proposal.


Freight / Fees / Etc. (Frt. / Fees / Etc.): This field contains the total amount of all Freight charges, Design Fees, and any other charges being included on the Proposal.


Sales Tax: This field contains the total Estimated Sales Tax being recorded on the Proposal.


Total Estimated (Tot. Estimated):  The Total Estimated field is the sum of the Total Price, Freight/Fees, and Sales Tax.


Requested Deposit (Req. Deposit):  This field contains the total deposit amount that you will require from the Client.  This amount is calculated by summing each tagged Item’s requested Deposit Amount.


tag button Tag:  Click on this button  to open the Tag Items for a Proposal Window.  This window contains several options for Item "tagging" or selecting groups of Items to be included on a Proposal.  You may also tag individual Items by clicking on each Item’s Tag column on the Proposal Items Grid.  See the Tag Items for a Proposal Window for more information.


edit item button Edit Item:  If you wish to make changes to an Item before generating the Proposal, you can select the Item on the grid and click the  button.  This will display the Item Window where you can make the necessary revisions.  Double-clicking the Item on the Proposal Items Grid will also launch the Item Window.


layout button Layout:  The Layout  displays an Arrange Items window similar to the Project hierarchy from the Projects and Specifications Window and allows you to edit the order that Locations and Items appear in on a printed Proposal. Go here to learn more.


Printing Proposals:

printer bottom bar

After tagging the desired Items, click on the OK button to print the Proposal.  Make sure that you have the Printer selection on the Printer Button Bar set to the desired printer.  For more information on printing options, see Printing.  Whether printing the Proposal to the monitor or directly to the printer, you will need to either accept or reject the Proposal after printing and reviewing it.


Accepting and Rejecting Proposals:

After printing a Proposal, Design Manager will ask "Would you like to accept or reject this Proposal?".  Be sure to thoroughly review the Proposal before clicking the Accept accept button button.  If you find any errors on the Proposal, click the Reject reject button button and correct those errors.  You can then generate and print the Proposal again.



Examples of the Proposal Styles:



residential proposal example




commercial proposal example




proposal - modern example


Residential - Show Deposit:

residential proposal with deposit example



Commercial - Show Deposit:

commercial proposal with deposit example



Modern - Show Deposit:

proposal - modern w deposit example


*There are, however, a few points to consider in regards to clarity of information for the Client when using the Show Deposit Styles*


With Proposals, the main issue that may arise is if you are collecting 100% Deposit on an Item that contains multiple Component Types (i.e., Merchandise and Freight, Installation, etc.) and select to have the non-Merchandise Types to either List or Total on the Project Advanced Options Window – Proposal Tab.  What will happen is the Deposit displayed for the Item may appear to exceed the total amount of the Item…


show deposit issues - proposal


Of course, if you add the price of the Merchandise to the Installation & Labor and Freight, the total is 1,996.86 but it may be confusing to the Client.  For this reason, it is suggested to set all Component Types to Combine on the Project Advanced Options Window – Proposal Tab to avoid such confusion.