Project Window

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When you click on the New Project button or press the Edit button with an existing Project highlighted on the Projects and Specifications Window, the Project Window will be displayed.


Proj_project tab_new


The Project Window is divided into four tabs, Project, Defaults, Notes/Info & Status, for entering basic information and defaults for a Project including billing address, site address, contact information, deposit and mark-up percentages, etc. Please note that when adding a new Project, the fourth tab for Status will not yet be visible. Once a Project is created, if you Edit the Project, you will then see the Status Tab.


A Project is a logical association of design services and purchases that you provide to a client.  One client can have many separate Projects.  If you have multiple Projects for the same client, each Project will probably have the same billing address but may have different site and ship to addresses.


Projects can be organized in any manner the designer sees fit.  For example, some firms might have one Project for each room or phase of a design job.  Other Design firms may maintain a single Project for the client to which they continually add purchases and design services.


Each Project is further divided into Locations, Items, and Components creating a simple management hierarchy.