Generating Inventory Purchase Orders

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inventory po

From time to time, merchandise in the company Inventory or Showroom may need to be replenished.  If desired, the new merchandise can be recorded into Design Manager using Inventory Adjustments feature as the goods arrive.  However, using Inventory Purchase Orders to request the merchandise from Vendors results in better tracking and more control over the purchasing of Inventory Stock Items.


In brief, to create an Inventory Purchase Order, select Inventory - Purchase Orders / Receiving which will open the Inventory Purchase Orders Window.  Next, click the Add button to display the New  Inventory Purchase Order Items Window.  The New Inventory Purchase Order Items Window contains the Inventory Purchase Order Items Grid.


invent po window


Stock Items will be added to the grid for purchasing by clicking the Add button to the right of the grid which will display the Inventory Purchase Order Item Window.  For a description of each field on the Inventory Purchase Order Item Window, see the Inventory Purchase Order Item Window below.



invent po order item window-example


Input the Stock Number for the Stock Item into the Stock Number (Stock No.) field.  You can also use the Search button to locate the desired Stock Number on the Inventory Stock Items Search Window.  Upon doing so, the Description, Estimated Unit Cost (Est. Unit Cost), Sidemark, and Vendor will all default from the Inventory Stock Item Window for the Stock Item.  If the Vendor has Deposit Percent entered on the Vendor / Payee Window - Defaults Tab, the value will default into the Request Deposit Percent which will, in turn, calculate the Requested Deposit Amount.  The Ship To will default from the Default Warehouse on the Company Information - Inventory Tab.  Enter the desired Quantity of the Stock Item for purchasing and change any other information as desired.  When satisfied, click the OK button.  The Stock Item will now appear on the Inventory Purchase Order Items Grid.  Repeat these steps for each Stock Item that needs to be purchased.  You may also press the Tag button which will open the Select Inventory Items for a Purchase Order Window whereby Stock Items whose On Hand Quantity has dropped beneath their Reorder Point can automatically be selected for purchasing with the Reorder Quantity as the Quantity to order.  Select the option of your choice and press OK to return to the New Inventory Purchase Order Items Window where all the Stock Items satisfying the Reorder Point condition will be present on the Inventory Purchase Order Items Grid.  Press OK to open the Generated Inventory Purchase Order(s) Window.


generated invent po window


The Inventory Purchase Orders created from Stock Items on the Inventory Purchase Order Items Grid should appear on the Generated Inventory Purchase Orders Grid.  Stock Items with the same Vendor and Ship-To combination will appear on the same Inventory Purchase Order.  Each Inventory Purchase Order will appear on a separate row on the Generated Inventory Purchase Orders Grid.  Several Inventory Purchase Orders may be printed at one time even if they are going to different Vendors or shipping addresses.


To add or change Inventory Purchase Order information, such as the Ship Via and Special Instructions, highlight the Purchase Order and press the Edit button to display the Edit Generated Inventory PO Window.  When all of the information appears to be correct, press the OK button in the lower right corner to print the Inventory Purchase Orders.


After the Inventory Purchase Order(s) are sent to the printer or the Print Preview Window has been closed, an Accept or Reject message will appear.  Do not make a selection until you have reviewed the Inventory Purchase Order(s).  If all of the information appears to be correct, then click on the Accept button.  Doing so will record the Inventory Purchase Order(s) into Design Manager.  If you need to make changes, press Reject.


Note:  When rejecting an Inventory Purchase Order, be careful to write “Reject” on the printed copy or throw it away, so that you do not accidentally send it to the Vendor.  If you send a rejected copy of the Inventory Purchase Order, Design Manager will have no record of it.


In order to make changes to an existing Inventory Purchase Order, highlight the entry on the Inventory Purchase Orders / Receiving Window and press the Edit button.  This will open the Edit Inventory PO / Change Order Window where you can make any changes and print the Inventory Purchase Order again.


You can remove an Inventory Purchase Order by clicking the Delete button on the Purchase Orders Window if no Deposit or Vendor Invoices have been recorded for the Inventory Purchase Order.


Before mailing the Inventory Purchase Orders, some of them may need to have a Vendor Deposit check included with them.  Generating Vendor Deposits is discussed at length in Deposits for an Inventory Purchase Order under Accounts Payable.



Example of a Modern Inventory PO: