Drop Down Menus

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The Tool Bar is located at the top of the main Design Manager window.  The buttons and drop down menus provide access to every function and window in Design Manager.  The top row contains five headings: File, Tools, Glossaries, Window, and Help each with its own drop-down menu.  Click on the heading to view the menu, and then click on your selection to open the corresponding window for that function.


The five drop down menus are listed below.




file menu


comp settings_small Company Settings:  Opens the Company Information Window.

cconnect_small ClientConnect Website Settings: Opens the Client Connect-General Window. *ClientConnect is an Additional module option that must be purchased.

user settings_small User Settings:  Displays the User Settings Window to configure default e-mail message, Outlook folder locations, etc. for a given user.

utilities_small Utilities:  Opens the Utilities Window (to do backups, repair the database, etc.).


import_small Import: Displays the File Import Feature.

about dm_small About Design Manager:  Opens the About Design Manager Cloud Window where information on the software version, serial number, etc. is displayed.

exit_small  Exit:  Closes the Design Manager program.



Tools: This drop down menu contains all of the functions on the default Tool Bar which is described below.


tools menu


proj specs_small Projects and Specifications:  Main window for all Project information and the creating and editing of Items and Components.

employee time _small Employee Time:  A user-friendly interface for quickly recording and maintaining Time Sheets for multiple managers and designers.

docs acct_small Documents and Accounting (Project View, Vendor View, or Journal Entries and Miscellaneous Cash Receipts View):  Main window for entering all accounting transactions.

pay bills_small Pay Bills and Checkbook (optional with Accounting module):  Printing, recording, and reconciling checks and credit cards.

reports_small Reports:  Displays the Reports window.

task_appts_small Tasks and Appointments:  Opens the To Do List Tasks and Appointments Window.

addres book _small Address Book: Displays the Address Book.



Glossaries: Select from the following ten Glossaries which are explained in full under Glossary Windows:


glossaries menu


accounts_small Accounts

clients_small Clients

employees_small Employees

locations_small Locations

remarks_small Remarks

sales cats_small Sales Categories

sales tax_small Sales Tax Codes

ship to_small Ship To Codes

TB activ_small Time Billing Activities

vendors_small Vendors and Payees



Clicking the Window menu will display each open window within Design Manager so that a particular window can be selected and brought the foreground.



help menu

help Context Sensitive (F1):  Brings up help for the window in the foreground.
kb Knowledge Base:  Opens the Design Manager Help Center and Knowledge Base in a web browser.

contact support_small Contact Support: Opens the Design Manager Help Center - Contact Us page in a web browser.


remoteSupport Remote Support: Opens the Logmein123.com website for when you are on the phone with a Design Manager Technician and they need to connect to your computer with you.  Connection requires a 6 digit code that will be provided by the technician.