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.qif file

- 1 -

1099 Report

- A -

Account Glossary Window

Account Inquiry Report

Account Search Window

Account Window

Acknowledgement Report

Acknowledging a Purchase/Work Order

Adjusting a Client Invoice

Advanced Options - Company

Advanced Options - Project

Aged Accounts Payable Report

Aged Accounts Receivable Report

- B -

Back Order Report

Back-up the Database

Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet Layout Window

Bookings Report

Budget Analysis Report

- C -

Cash Back Refund

Cash Flow Report

Cash Receipt Window

Cash Receipts Journal

Cash Requirements Report

Change All Window

Chart of Accounts Report

Check Detail Window

Check Run Window

Check Stub Report

Checking Window - Checkbook Tab

Checking Window - Credit Cards Tab

Checking Window - Make Bank Deposit Tab

Checking Window - Pay Bills / Print Checks Tab

Checking Window - Reconcile Cash Tab

Checking Window - Reconcile Credit Card Tab

Clear Checks and Deposits Window

Clearing Checks

Clearing Deposits

Client Accounting Inquiry Report

Client Deposit

Client Glossary Window

Client Invoices

Sending Your Client the Final Bill
Re-printing or E-mailing a Client Invoice
Reversing/Crediting a Client Invoice

Client Listing Report

Client Search Window

Client Status Report

Client Window - Client Tab

Client Window - Notes / Information Tab

Commonly Used Buttons

Company Advanced Options - General Tab

Company Advanced Options - Invoice Tab

Company Advanced Options - PO Tab

Company Advanced Options - Print Tab

Company Advanced Options - Proposal Tab

Company Advanced Options - Time Tab

Company Information - A/R Payment Tab

Company Information - Closed Year Tab

Company Information - COGS Accounts Tab

Company Information - Company Tab

Company Information - Logo Tab

Company Information - Other Accounts Tab

Company Information - Passwords Tab

Company Information - Quick Quote Tab

Company Information - Sales Accounts Tab

Company Information Window

Component Window - Component Tab

Component Window - More Charges Tab

Component Window - Order Status Tab

Component Window - Special Instructions Tab

Cost of Goods Sold Accrual Report

Credit Card Reconcilation History Window

Credit Cards

Using Credit Cards for Payments
How To Pay the Credit Card Company

Cut For Approval Report

- D -

Debit Cards

Delivery / Shipping Report

Deposit Analysis Report

Deposit Slip

Deposit Slip Report

Description / Note Formatting

Disbursements Journal

Documents and Accounting Window

Documents and Accounting
Project Tab
Vendor Tab
Journal Entries and Miscellaneous Cash Receipts Tab

Drop Down Menus

- E -

Edit Amount to Pay Window

Edit Cash Receipt Payment Window

Edit Generated PO Window

Edit Generated PO Window
Edit Generated WO Window

Edit Order Status Window

Editing a Cash Receipt

Editing a Proposal

Editing a Purchase Order

Emailing a Client Invoice

Emailing a Proposal

Emailing a Purchase Order

Employee Activity Exception Window

Employee Glossary Window

Employee Payroll Account Window

Employee Search Window

Employee Time Analysis Report

Employee Window - Employee Tab

Employee Window - Notes/Info Tab

Employee Window - Payroll Tab

Employee Window - Time Tab

Entering an Invoice from a Vendor

Entering Order Status Information

Expected Ship Report


- F -

Favorite Reports

Freight Analysis (Installation / Labor / Etc.) Report

- G -

General Ledger Journal Entries

General Ledger Report

Generated Purchase Orders Window

Generated Purchase Orders Window
Generated Work Orders Window

- H -

Hand Checks

Hardware Requirements

Hours Journal

- I -

Income Statement

Income Statement Layout Window

Installing Design Manager

Invoice Adjustments Window

Invoice Labels and Envelopes Report

Invoice Payment Window

Invoice Window - Invoice Tab

Invoice Window - Options Tab

Item Window - Item Tab

Item Window - Picture Tab

Item Window - Pricing Information Tab

Item Window - Status Tab

- J -

Journal Entry Journal

- L -

Load On-Line Banking File Window

Loading an Online Financial File

Location Glossary Window

Location Listing Report

Location Search Window

Location Window

- M -

Merchant Warehouse

Miscellaneous Cash Receipts

Miscellaneous Project Expense Listing Report

- O -

On-Line Banking File Window

Open a Closed Project

Open Client Deposit Report

Open Purchase Orders Report

Open Vendor Deposit Report

- P -

Paid Purchases by Account Report

Passwords and Security

Payments on Client Invoices

Payroll Checks

Payroll History Report

Payroll Register Report

Pick List Report

Pre-billing Report

Print Client Invoice Window

Print Deposit Slip Window

Printing Checks

Processing Deposit Slips

Profit Analysis Report

Proforma Purchase Order

Generated Purchase Orders Window
Generated Work Orders Window

Project / Order Status Report

Project Advanced Options Window - General Tab

Project Advanced Options Window - Invoice Tab

Project Advanced Options Window - PO Tab

Project Advanced Options Window - Proposal Tab

Project Advanced Options Window - Time Tab

Project and Specifications Window

Project Cash Flow Report

Project Labels and Envelopes Report

Project Listing Report

Project Profit and Loss Report

Project Time Analysis Report

Project Window - Defaults Tab

Project Window - Notes/Information Tab

Project Window - Project Tab

Project Window - Status Tab

Proposal Labels and Envelopes Report

Proposal Listing Report

Proposal Status Window

Proposal Window - Options Tab

Purchase Order Labels and Envelopes Report

Purchase Order Listing Report

Purchase Order Window

Purchase/Work Order Status Window

Purchases Journal Report

- R -

Reactivate an Inactive Vendor

Receiving Merchandise

Receiving Report

Reconciliation History Window

Reconciling Credit Cards

Reconciling the Checkbook

Remarks Glossary Window

Remarks Listing Report

Remarks Search Window

Remarks Window

Repair the Database

Report Descriptions

Report Window

Re-printing a Client Invoice

Re-printing a Proposal

Re-printing a Purchase Order

Request for Bid Report

Restore a Back-up


Reverse /Credit a Client Invoice


- S -

Sales Category Glossary Window

Sales Category Listing Report

Sales Category Search Window

Sales Category Window

Sales Journal Report

Sales Tax Calculation Window

Sales Tax Code Glossary Window

Sales Tax Code Listing Report

Sales Tax Code Search Window

Sales Tax Code Window

Sales Tax Report

Service Charges

Ship To Code Glossary Window

Ship To Code Search Window

Ship To Listing Report

Ship To Window

Sizing Windows

Sorting Columns

Statement Labels and Envelopes


Supplier Invoice

- T -

Tagging Components for a Purchase Order

Tagging Items for a Proposal

Tagging Items for an Invoice

Time Activities Glossary Window

Time Activities Listing Report

Time Activities Search Window

Time Activity Window

Time Budget Analysis Report

Time Keeping

Time Work in Process Report

To Do List

To Do List Appointments Window

To Do List Task Appointment Window

Tool Bar

Transaction Register Report

Transaction Search Window

Transfer Cash between Accounts

Transfer Cash Window

Transfer to Account Window

Trial Balance Report

Twelve Month Income Comparison Report

- U -

Un-Deposited Funds

Unordered Components Report

Update Items Window

Update Projects Window

User-Defined Date Report


- V -

Vendor Accounting Inquiry Report

Vendor Check Labels and Envelopes

Vendor Deposit, Invoice, or Operating Expense Window

Vendor Deposits

Sending a Vendor a Deposit
Vendor Deposit to Project Purchase or Work Order

Vendor Glossary Window

Vendor History Report

Vendor Invoice

Vendor Invoice Distribution Window

Vendor Invoice Distribution Window - Invoice for Project PO
Vendor Invoice Distribution Window - Expense

Vendor Labels and Envelopes

Vendor Listing Report

Vendor Search Window

Vendor Window - Defaults Tab

Vendor Window - Notes / Information Tab

Vendor Window - Payee Tab

Vendor Window - Vendor Tab

Voiding a Cash Receipt

Voiding Checks

Voiding or Editing Accounting Entries

- W -

W2 Information Window

Wire Transfers

Work in Process History Report

Work in Process Report